Kids Camp

Grades 3-5 | July 22-26

Junior high Camp

Grades 6-9 | July 8-12

senior high Camp

Grades 9-12 | July 15-19

junior high and senior high camps 2024

Youth Summer Camp is an amazing time for students to build their relationship with God in a fun new way. Spots are limited, so sign up soon!


junior high Camp

July 8-12, 2024

senior high Camp

July 15-19, 2024

Lakewood Park Bible Camp
Devils Lake, ND


Early Bird | $185
Early Bird pricing ends June 27

Regular Price | $210


When and where do I check-in my student? When is check-out? When and where do I pick up my student?

Check-in will happen at your Evangel campus. Check-in for Middle School Camp will be on Monday, July 8 and Check-in for High School Camp will be on Monday, July 15. Location and time will be specific to your campus, so information will be sent out in an email two weeks prior to camp.

You can pick up your student at your Evangel campus. Pick up for Middle School Camp will be on Friday, July 12 and pick up for High School Camp will be on Friday, July 19. Location and time will be specific to your campus, so information will be sent out in an email two weeks prior to camp.

Can I drive my student to camp?

We encourage all students to ride with Evangel, but if circumstances arise where you need to take your student to camp, or pick them up from camp, you will need to have a conversation with a Youth Staff Member before July 8 (for Middle School) and July 15 (for High School). You can email youth@goevangel.org or call Evangel at 701.255.0500 during normal business hours.

Is there a dress code?

Campers are expected to dress modestly. Those dressed inappropriately will be asked to change clothes. Skirts/shorts/shirts/swimwear must be tasteful and modest. No thin-strap tank tops, halters, overly tight-fitting clothes, short shorts, or revealing of undergarments. Cut-off type shirts must be worn with an undershirt, no white or light colored t-shirts during water games, etc.

What is the cost of camp and what does it include?

Early Registration is $185. The cost covers transportation to and from camp, lodging, meals, and the camp experience. You can purchase water bottles, t-shirts, and more for an extra cost. Registrations after midnight June 27 cost $210. You can register at goevangel.org/youth-camp.

We have a max capacity of 75 students for Jr. High and 75 students for Sr. High. Once that capacity is reached we will not be able to take any more students.

Registrations for Jr. High camp after July 1 or Sr. High Camp after July 8 will be the responsibility of the parent for travel to and from camp.

My student takes medication, what should do with it?

Please put all medications in a clear, plastic, closed bag, with the student’s name, dosage, and times to be taken on the bag (with printed handwriting). At check-in, medications will be collected and the camp nurse will administer them. At check-out, there will be a table for families to collect any left-over medication.

If I need to contact my child in case of emergency, who should I speak to?

You would need to call the camp office at 701.662.2296. Parents are allowed to send mail and/or email (office@ndyouth.com) to their kids at the camp, but please be mindful of how many days it may take for mail to arrive, and how long campers will be at camp.

You can mail letters to:
Lakewood Park Bible Camp 
Attention "Name of Child"
220 Woodland Ave
Devils Lake, ND 58301

How will my student get to camp?

Evangel will take buses/vans to and from Lakewood Park Bible Camp. The buses will leave at 8:45 AM.

What should my students bring?

We suggest bringing the following: bedding, pillow, towels, personal toiletries, spending money, Bible, notebook, sunscreen, bug spray, current medications, and a plastic bag for dirty clothes.

Clothing needed: pajamas, sweater/jacket, athletic shoes, recreational clothing, jeans/pants/capris, modest shorts and shirts (for daytime), nice shirts (for evening services), socks, and undergarments.

The Camp or Evangel is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Cell phones are only allowed at Sr. High Camp, and they are not allowed at Jr. High Camp.

Do students need spending money at camp?

There is a Snack Shop open for food and beverage purchases, as well as camp t-shirts and other items at the camp store. During services, offerings for missions will be received so students are encouraged to be prepared to give. $25 - $50 is recommended for spending money, plus any money to give to STL (Speed the Light). Snack Shack cards can be purchased at camp, which can be used to help purchase food, merchandise, and for offering.

Evangel is not responsible for lost or stolen cash. Any money left on Snack Shack cards will not be able to be reimbursed.

Are meals provided and what if my student has food allergies?

Meals are provided by the camp. On the camp registration form, there is a place to list any allergies that students have. The camp will take these allergies into account, and make dietary exceptions.

Who will my student be rooming with?

On the registration form, there is a space to put in rooming requests for your student. We will try our best to accommodate these requests. Evangel and the camp will make the final decision on roommates.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at youth@goevangel.org