water baptism

At Evangel, we want to build your kids into fully-devoted followed of Christ by instilling unshakable faith inside their hearts and into their homes. If you want to build a strong house, it needs a good foundation. The same goes in building your kids up to be passionate followers of Jesus. Baptism is an important decision for your child to make. We want you and your whole family to know why!


Print out this worksheet before you start the video to follow along!



Here are a few questions to start a discussion about salvation with you and your child.
Be sure to take your time and not rush through these.

Has anyone in your family been baptized before? What was it like?
Before you are baptized, you should be saved and have received Salvation. Have you done that?
Do you want to be baptized? Describe why or why not?
Do you think you are ready to publicly declare your faith in Jesus? Why or why not?
The Bible says we get a new life in Christ. Describe your old life in one-three words and then your new life in one-three words.


Grab a journal, or the printable SOAP outline and SOAP together as a family

SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer.

First, read the scripture. Next, talk about what you observed from it. Then, ask how you can apply it to your life. Lastly, pray as a family out of the truth you just read together.

Read: Matthew 3:1-17


At Evangel, we are family focused! Think about spending some time together doing a fun activity. Here's a few options we thought of that can relate to baptism:

1. Go swimming together!
It may sound silly but it might just bring the Bible story to life for your family. It’s also a lot of fun!

2. Call some of your friends and family!
Baptism is about publicly declaring your faith to people, especially your friends and family. Call a few of them and let them know about your decision to follow Jesus. Ask them if they’ve ever made that decision.


Print of a few copies of this coloring page.
Then, as a family, have a coloring contest!

Congrats! You have complete the Baptism Foundation.
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